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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
clout meaning in tamil is தலையில் குட்டுப் போடுதல்

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Even though the syndicate subcommittee has recommended suspension of two lecturers and warning to be issued for three others we fear that the teachers will use their political clout for delaying the implementation of these recommendations. Need to build on strengths To retain that clout and carve its own niche India needs to build on its economic strengths and maintain the current trend of growth. It is at the same time an acknowledgment that the pursuit of globalisation with the aid of political and economic clout of the developed world cannot deliver results if the realities of the highly diversified and unequal status of national economies are ignored. It will examine corruption in and criminalisation of the electoral system and caste factors and family clout in elections. While TRAI regulations encourage more MSOs on paper political clout makes it almost impossible for any new entrant to foray into the business. And much more about the huge clout with politics 151 and the press 151 of babas godmen tantriks and other assorted healers. However smallscale units all over the world do not enjoy political and financial clout that are virtually taken for granted by their larger counterparts. On the one hand his party finds its clout with allies diminished in the aftermath of its May 2004 defeat. It has always been a prestigious issue for political parties to control agriculture produce marketing committees APMCs as they are considered a medium to have clout over farmers. Deputy Chief Minister B.S. Yediurappa who enjoys considerable clout in Dakshina Kannada and in Mangalore in particular may recommend the case of his protege N.