clouds meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
clouds meaning in tamil is மேகம்

clouds meaning in tamil with example

clouds tamil meaning and more example for clouds will be given in tamil.
A lot of heavy vehicles pass during the day raising clouds of dust that residents have to put up with. You feel like you are standing at a beach in California when you look at the picture of a lovely sunset with birds flying in a sort of formation and clouds lying around in the sky in a very disturbed way and in unimaginable colours. Heavy snowfall has paralysed life in the key tourist resort of Manali and more snow clouds hovered over the Kullu district with the town already having recorded over two feet of snowfall. In the National Capital with clouds hovering over the skyline for the fourth day running the minimum temperature registered a jump to 14.4 degrees Celsius from 12.8 degree Celsius yesterday. The Weather Office has predicted light to moderate rain or snow at few places in Himachal Pradesh light to moderate rain or thundershowers at isolated places in Punjab and fog and low clouds in Haryana during the next 24 hours. The strength of the Surabhi is its presentation of near original setting of royal courts clouds and battlefield scenes. On clean white canvases they painted blue streams flanked by coconut trees sky laced with clouds that looked like cotton candy and birds preening their feathers on branches of trees. Heavy vehicles using the stretch raise thick clouds of dust and smoke which affects everyone in the area. Among the photographs are the ones capturing the clouds nestling gently between the majestic mountain ranges with a contrast of the barren wastes of the highaltitude desert.