closet meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
closet meaning in tamil is அலமாரி

closet meaning in tamil with example

closet tamil meaning and more example for closet will be given in tamil.
At that time the ball valve outlet opens water also gets released and the waste from the closet is flushed into the tank. Keep your values in the closet and you might just enjoy Mel Brooks film with many a funny joke many a ribtickler. While the Government might be unwilling to come out of the closet on these issues PBST is willing to at least talk about reality. Among other things Professors Mearsheimer and Walt have been accused of being neoNazis and closet propagandists for Iran. They have begun to come out of the closet about the oncesecret obsession with looking good says K. Coming out of the closet An encouraging development however is that people have begun to approach the VCTCs in large numbers shunning inhibitions to get themselves tested. The three candidates belonging to the TRS already reached Hyderabad to closet with their top leadership. The Division Bench directed the Government to remedy the situation by installing Indian water closet pan with flush type toilet in all cells in the Central Prison. Chinas new rich have begun to come out of the closet en masse and they have one thing in common money and the desire to spend it.