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Indeed even his closest advisers appear not to have known what he ultimately intended to do in terms of further postGaza Israeli withdrawals from occupied Palestinian territory or the final status of Jerusalem. The closest it came was a formulation suggesting that even in a coalition political parties do not have to give up the expectation or aspiration of securing a larger political space. After a quick ceremony 151 a shawl was draped over him by the Chief News Editor at which he quipped In Delhi you need this its very cold 151 the subeditors switched on the closest computer to show him how the papers page making software worked. Ravis life also had to do with the changing contours of his relations with his old comrades the closest of whom Mr. The control room will have the advantage of knowing which vehicles are closest to a crime scene and the police can attend to the situation promptly with minimum loss of time. Even the closest of friendship and partnership should leave room for differences in perception and prescriptions for action based on historical links economic interests including energy supplies regional compulsions and variations in world vision. His closest surviving relatives the family of a cousin Asmaan Joo moved to a refugee camp in Muzaffarabad. A dedicated control room a wireless base station a digital map of the highways and a global positioning system to locate the ambulance closest to the scene of an accident or emergency spot enhance the services. Her father who was closest to her at the moment gave her blood and the doctor did not bother to test the same.