closeness meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
closeness meaning in tamil is நெருக்கம்

closeness meaning in tamil with example

closeness tamil meaning and more example for closeness will be given in tamil.
Rajmohan president the film was selected by the jury for its closeness to the contemporary realities of the lower strata of society. The Prime Ministers assertions were aimed at rejecting the criticism by the Opposition as well as the UPA Governments Left allies of the newfound closeness with the U.S. Indias independent foreign policy was rooted in the pursuit of enlightened national interest. The reasons for this are closeness to Hyderabad city where Hindi is popular high percentage of Urduspeaking Muslim population deep impact of television and introduction of Hindi as second language at Intermediate and degree level. According to the protestors the 800km march and subsequent sitin in New Delhi is prompted by a growing closeness between the Government of India and Union Carbides owner Dow Chemical of the U.S.. Fernandes perceived closeness to the saffron family gave him enviable clout in the Vajpayee Government. According to him the 41 scoreline in favour of India in the last series did not reflect the closeness of the contest but Pakistan would have to quickly learn from the mistakes. If it is the closeness with Karnataka that brings in the influence of Kannada on the people of this district the same closeness also has its ripples in political fields. The closeness of the contest was reflected in the five percentage point difference between the two alliances and in the thin victory margins in several instances. That India courted defeat seven minutes before the hooter off a penalty corner shot by Roderick Weusthof mirrors the closeness of the contest.