clean meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
clean meaning in tamil is தூய்மையான

clean meaning in tamil with example

clean tamil meaning and more example for clean will be given in tamil.
In the municipal elections in September the Congress made a clean sweep in all six civic bodies which went to polls including the upgraded Anantapur Municipal Corporation. The second phase of My Vadakara 151 Clean Vadakara cleanliness drive undertaken by the Vadakara Municipality was inaugurated on Saturday. It was notable that the Government had given a clean chit to CPIM State secretary Pinarai Vijayan in SNC Lavalin case in its affidavit filed before the Kerala High Court. Peoples hypocritical attitude to cleanliness keep your house clean and litter the neighbours has seen Vaidyanathan and thousands of land owners like him tearing their hair in worry. The lorry sent to clean up garbage comes in once a week by which time it is spread all over the area. Even when owners are aware of such dumping not many are willing to take the trouble to clean their plots and fence them in. Workers were engaged to clean the dusty entrance and interiors which till recently housed the Jayanagar police station. Since the entire court premises had been declared as a No Smoking Zone Judge Nagarajan ordered Mariadoss to clean the dust and cobwebs in and around his court hall. Drive Officials of the gram and taluk panchayats have taken up a drive to clean up the villages and chlorinate the drinking water sources to prevent the spread of the disease. Sibal said steps would be taken to set up another 10 million litre a day plant for providing clean drinking water along the coast. Apart from the work in the mill they were also made to clean the cowsheds tend silk worms and feed the poultry.