claw meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
claw meaning in tamil is பறவைகளின் விலங்கினங்களின் நகம்

claw meaning in tamil with example

claw tamil meaning and more example for claw will be given in tamil.
Nalbandian held serve to take the set but Baghdatis continued to claw back seemingly oblivious to the pressure soccer kicking a ball eight times at one point. Sharath Kamal and Soumyadeep Roy displayed tremendous grit and fighting qualities to claw back into the match. Middlesbrough which twice faced elimination and a threegoal deficit in the quarterfinals and semifinals couldnt claw back this time. Penney was able to identify it by examining the eye arrangement tarsal claw structure and reproductive organs. There were some smart duels at the net and some great jump smashes but after conceding big leads in both games Joy could not claw his way back. Bushs political guru Karl Rove believe that focusing on national security will allow them to claw back support in November because voters tend to favour the Republicans on defence. He was serving at 43 and up 4015 when Priyank began to claw his way back with some wonderful winners. Short and stocky of stature it took the bulldog spirit of Weerapat Doakmaiklee to claw his way back. Cech pulled off an identical stop to claw away Kanus diving back post header less than a minute later. The unseeded Japanese feeling the strain from heat and wincing as drops landed in the net with Stefanie caught at the baseline found her bearings to claw back.