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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
classroom meaning in tamil is வகுப்பறை

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Mere physical drill or classroom lectures may not be enough. At the end of the day the task of changing the statute book or the attitude has been taken up in right earnest only in the past couple of years. Each postgraduate department will have a modern electronic classroom backed by electronic resources. Business simulation games will give students an opportunity to apply classroom concepts to realworld situations in marketing finance operations and consulting. It was a specially configured audiovisual medium employing digital interactive classroom and multimedia multicentric system. It offers classroom teaching for levels IV III II and I of the Japanese Language Proficiency Tests JLPT of the Japan Foundation held every year in December. Muthukumaraswamy project executive with Dhan Foundation said it would be a virtual classroom in veterinary treatment and farmers groups were being mobilised to make the attempt successful. He said the concept of virtual classroom was a design to leave out teachers from the new scheme of education. Chidambaram assured to create a vibrant classroom atmosphere replete with freedom to help students generate creative ideas. Taking a break from the rigmarole of attending classroom lectures everyday first and second year students of business administration of Andhra Loyola College on Wednesday kickstarted a twoday event of fun and learning. He said students in a classroom could be categorised into three groups brilliant mediocre and dull. To take this to a larger geographical spread 30 one teacherone classroom schools in villages are also on cards Ms.