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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
classification meaning in tamil is வகைபடுதல், பிரிதல்

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Mindboggling The price varies with their mindboggling classification of colours character shape and the neck ruff. The Rs. 5.83crore project proposes classification of ongoing and future projects into core projects mission mode and highpriority and other initiatives. The Madiga Reservation Porata Samithi MRPS has demanded that the necessary Constitutional amendment be effected on the classification of Scheduled Castes and called for a massive participation in the January 21 protest in Hyderabad to press for it. Amendment bill They said that the Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy Government should prove its commitment to classification by taking steps towards introducing the amendment bill in Parliament. Selvakumar for a change of classification in respect of the said land and the subsequent orders of the municipal chairperson to bring in new resolutions for review of the earlier resolution. Classification of services Section 65A of the Finance Act 1994 deals with classification of services and the first rule of classification is that a specific description should be preferred to a general description. In October 2005 the TNHB took steps to change the classification of the land from institutional to residential to award it to a favoured few under the Government discretionary quota without following the statutory mandate he said. Strictly speaking the classification of a train as superfast is a misnomer and except for Rajdhanis and Shatabdis none of the trains deserves to be classified as superfast.