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There is no woman candidate in the Samajwadi Party from the Scheduled Tribes to stake claim for the Presidents post. Even if the Congress and the Janata Dal S come together along with the independent they still cannot stake claim for the key posts as they do not have the simple majority of 10 seats in the 18member body. 1503.3 crores is aimed at the decorative sector and paints claim researchers have a toxic concoction of various metals and compounds used as pigments or additives. However since more than one account cannot be opened by persons under the PPF Scheme contribution can be made in the name of such members only in one account in which case he will be disabled from opening another account and claim deduction in another assessment. Insurers claim flexibility But according to Sandeep Batra Chief Financial Officer ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company ULIPs are the most transparent life insurance products available today. She rejected the archdioceses claim that applying federal law instead of church law could violate its First Amendment right to religious freedom by disrupting the internal governance of the church. Vajpayee appears even more unbecoming in the context of the claim made by another aged and declining leader to be the partys prime ministerial face in 2009. MacGills claim MacGill has taken more wickets at the Sydney Cricket Ground than Warne the leading bowler in Tests with 657 wickets each time theyve bowled in tandem. Vajpayee and later in response to the commissions letter had confirmed having said so what was the justification of the Central Government to claim privilege on the ground of public interest.