certificate meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
certificate meaning in tamil is சான்றிதழ்

certificate meaning in tamil with example

certificate tamil meaning and more example for certificate will be given in tamil.
Gangamma started an indefinite dharna in the premises of the Tahsildhars office at Sindhanur on Friday demanding the Returning Officer to withdraw the certificate issued to the Janata Dal S candidate and order recounting of votes. Officials confer that traffic would resume once a stability certificate is obtained from the Structural Engineering Research Centre Chennai a CSIR subsidiary. The Employees Provident Fund Organisations Regional Office here has won the Thiruvananthapuram Town Official Language Implementation Committees Rajabhasha shield and merit certificate for the effective implementation of the official language during 200405. However even this restriction will not apply for savings certificates since the schemes do not contain any prohibition in subscriptions to the certificate from out the funds of the HUF in the name of members. Normally the pensioners banker will be closeby and it will be easy for most of the pensioners to submit the life certificate at the bank. She also presented a cash award of Rs.5000 and a certificate of merit to Sangeetha Vidwamsisni M.K. Kamalakumari on the occasion. Venkataraman handed over the certificate for its services in the disciplines of gynaecology and general medicine to the hospital founder Rameswari Nalluswamy at a function held here on Friday. Speaking on the occasion MLA Rowthu Suryaprakasa Rao said that students should not merely join NSS for some certificate but should render service to the poor.. Heres how the entire process works UFO obtains a No Objection Certificate NOC from the movie producers to digitise their films in MPEG 4 format these are then uploaded to the central server in Gurgaon and later distributed online to the cinema halls equipped with the receiving systems.