cereal meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
cereal meaning in tamil is தானியம்

cereal meaning in tamil with example

cereal tamil meaning and more example for cereal will be given in tamil.
Farmers in other parts of the country were waiting in lines for up to two weeks to sell surplus maize the nations staple food to the national cereal and produce board. Even though procurement of wheat will be vigorous from midMarch and the wheat crop may be more than 74 million tonnes the Union Ministry of Agriculture has decided to import five lakh tonnes of this cereal as a precautionary measure for the first time in eight years. Dont ever skip breakfast have whole wheat bread minus the butter skimmed milk with the cereal and avoid that second cup of coffee or tea and you wont suffer from midmorning hunger pangs at work the nutritionist says. Nagur a Tirupatibased scientist formerly with ICRISAT by awarding him the world medal of freedom for his significant accomplishments in the field of cereal crop improvement. It would also cause a worldwide drop in cereal crops of between 20 and 400 million tonnes put 400 million more people at risk of hunger and put up to 3 billion people at risk of flooding and without access to fresh water supplies. Go easy on the cereal and bread and if you are allowed to do have eggs or other high protein food in the morning he suggests. World cereal production is forecast to decrease slightly in 2006 after last years good levels according to a new Food and Agriculture Organisation report released on Friday. It warns that if global cereal use in 20062007 remains close to recent trends it would exceed the current forecast for production which could lead to drawdown of global cereal stocks for the second consecutive year.