centering meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
centering meaning in tamil is மையப்படுத்துதல்

centering meaning in tamil with example

centering tamil meaning and more example for centering will be given in tamil.
The institute plans to introduce new training programmes in plumbing sanitary works masonry painting centering and bar bending and tile fixing he said in a release on the occasion of releasing its annual report for 200506 at Ujire recently. According to a spokesperson of VUDA the accident occurred when one or two centering posts did not hold properly while the concrete work was being completed. The victims were all centering workers who were on the slab in the first floor monitoring the centering supporting poles which supported the decking material. Eighteenyearold centering worker Anjaneyulu of Narayanreddy Colony here was murdered allegedly by his colleague near Ismailkhanpet under Sangareddy police station limits. Realising Aluvas immense potential for growth several leading builders have announced their upcoming projects centering Aluva. A group of activists evolved a novel idea to highlight critical issues centering to liberalisation policy by organising an Alternative Legislative Assembly ALA here on Thursday. The victims 151 two construction workers and autorickshaw driver 151 were returning from Anupalam after unloading the centering material when the accident occurred.