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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
census meaning in tamil is மக்கள் தொகைக்கணக்கு

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But the census to be conducted from January 15 will include the stateoftheart technology devised by wildlife biologists and the entire exercise will be monitored by independent observers from the Centre and approved by the Wildlife Institute of India Dehra Dun. The census figures obtained from the Forest Department here indicate that there were only 11 tigers in 1972 when the Project Tiger was launched. Under the present conditions it was imperative to hold a census on the issue which would bring out a clear picture. Ramabhadran has called for the constitution of a commission to redraw community reservation on the basis of castewise population census and social and educational backwardness of communities. He emphasised that this innovative effort must concentrate on a complete Census of street children identification of their needs and the mode of help guidance and support required for ensuring them a life of dignity and self respect besides restoring confidence for their future. Shukla said the delimitation commission had based its recommendations on the census report by following the rules and procedures. Conservator of Forests P.K. Jha told reporters here on Friday that unlike the previous national surveys the current round of census would be done in four phases involving hitech methods. The entire information would be presented to the Wildlife Institute of India Dehradun which is directly monitoring the census this time. The forest department personnel and volunteers will be engaged in the census exercise and will also conduct prey density estimation.