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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
censor meaning in tamil is தணிக்கையாளர்

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But we do not want to act as a censor board and therefore gave its clearance for the films release he said. The Chairperson of the Regional Censor Board of the Central Board of Film Certification CBFC Shanta P. I remain chairperson Asserting that she continues to be the Chairperson of the Regional Censor Board Dr. Film producers and directors generally interact only with the officers concerned and not with the Chairperson of the Censor Board. A Regional Censor Board chairperson exercises his or her social and moral responsibilities in issuing certificate to films through the official concerned in good faith. Releases letter She released a letter she wrote to the Regional Officer on November 21 2005 pointing out that many things were not right in the Regional Censor Board office. The letter warned the official concerned who had placed 99 files before her for postfacto approval about the legal consequences of issuing censor certificates illegally and asked him to take corrective steps. Getting the Big B to stub out his controversial cigar in the home version of the Family cassette manufacturing company Shemaroo has decided to censor the cigar in the small screen version. Memorandum In a memorandum the film makers said Regional Censor Chandrashekhar had written to the Government that screening reediting or modifying a censored film without the approval of censors was a cognisable offence. The makers of Mona Lisa edited portions of the film after the Censor Board had cleared it and they can be penalised for that offence Prof.