cemetery meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
cemetery meaning in tamil is மயானம், சுடலை, இடுகாடு

cemetery meaning in tamil with example

cemetery tamil meaning and more example for cemetery will be given in tamil.
With the fall of the Berlin Wall all traces of the cemetery vanished though some original features were visible through the undergrowth. George Jacobite chapel at Kavumbhagom was brought to the cemetery for burial on Sunday afternoon after remitting Rs.1250 towards the fee prescribed for the same. They handed over the fee to the Revenue Divisional Officer RDO and the body was buried in the cemetery later. The 59yearold author of 40 books has seen many of them become horror films from Carrie and The Shining to Pet Cemetery and The Green Mile. The draft paper has set aside Rs.16 lakhs for veterinary hospitals Rs.10 lakhs for fishery industry and Rs.15 lakhs for cemetery protection. But since it was too close to a cemetery and easily accessible to wild animals the panchayat members did not find it comfortable and wanted to move out. The 282yearold Dutch Cemetery in Fort Kochi is considered to be an authentic record of hundreds of Europeans both the Dutch and the English who arrived in India to expand their colonial empire. Though the cemetery remains closed for most of the day for fear of antisocial elements entering the place it is opened on requests made by visitors. The 104 tombs in the cemetery are a record of prominent Europeans who changed the history of the land. The interest among tourists from Europe to visit the cemetery is so much that constant requests are made to church authorities to open the gates says vicar of St Francis Church Fr. P.J. Jacob. What welcomes visitors to the cemetery which is tucked away behind the end of the walkway running parallel to the beach is its heavy walls.