cellar meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
cellar meaning in tamil is நிலவறை

cellar meaning in tamil with example

cellar tamil meaning and more example for cellar will be given in tamil.
To provide more darshan time for pilgrims the management dispensed with the VIP break darshan system and the issuance of the special entry cellar tickets. The Dabagardens main road is one such road where motorists are forced to park their vehicles on the road in the absence of cellar parking at most of the shopping complexes. It plans to improve the package tours from Chennai to Tirumala with the special Archana Ananthara Darshan and Balaji Cellar Darshan. Dhananjaya Reddy said the demolitions to begin in next few days would primarily be concentrated on buildings with height and cellar violations. The TTD management cancelled the issue of cellar tickets following increase in the number of pilgrims. Even as the TTD stopped issuing permission for the cellar entry tickets the situation got aggravated with the arrival of pilgrims who booked their darshan tickets under the package tours being organised by the AP Tourism Development Corporation and the TN Tourism Development Corporation. Manasa 8 died after she fell into a water tank in the cellar of an apartment building at Kushaiguda on Friday. The team also noticed violations of setbacks around with parking and cellar space was occupied in the adjacent fivestoried building. The owners were directed to immediately to take up remedial measures of installing fire safety equipment and keep cellar and open spaces free from any obstructions. The Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad MCH has begun demolishing structures that have come up illegally in cellar spaces of multistoryed commercial complexes in some of the busiest corridors of twin cities on Wednesday.