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Then the silver tape was curled and vertically welded on the surface of the designed silver sheet so as to make a floral design forming cavities for fixing stones. Superconducting accelerator cavities operating at temperatures near absolute zero will give the particles increasing energy till they smash in a blazing crossfire at the centre of the machine. The cavities that developed on the spillway due to the impact of the waterfall will be filled with specially made epoxy concrete. Bilcare a leading pharma major in the drug discovery to market value chain has won a patent in the U.S. for its pharmaceutical grade metalised thermoformable a plastic in which cavities can be made composite films. MANY OF us think cavities afflict children from rich families always gorging on chocolates candy and pastries and guzzling cola drinks by the litre. While children from affluent families may get their cavities filled and braces put for poorlyaligned teeth quick enough the poor children may not get this opportunity says Dr.