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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
cave meaning in tamil is குகை

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The Vidhwans visited 14 basadis or Jain temples and the cave in which Muni Bhadrabahu one of the founders of Shravanabelagola who was responsible for the spread of Jainism in the south attained salvation. Snowfall was also reported in parts of Trikuta Hills where the Vaishnodevi cave shrine is located the resort of Patini Top Kishtwar Doda Baderwah and upper reaches of Rajouri and Poonch and the Pir Panjal ranges. According to the Meteorological Department the Amarnath cave in Pahalgam experienced about five feet of fresh snowfall over the past 24 hours while Sheshnag Panjtherni Pissu top Mahaguns and Chandanwari received three to four feet. A dinosaur giraffe and butterfly welcome all who enter the cave the leads to the stalls put up at the exhibition. A cave said to have been used by Pandavas to escape the attack has already been excavated in the Meerut division. Request made It was stated that about a month ago four leopards including a female and two cubs had moved into a cave on a hillock about one km from Pazhathottam. The earliest of our ancestors had chosen the cave for dwelling to keep themselves safe from rain or shine and as civilisation progressed the cave gave way to igloo hut house bungalow palace flats and so on marking a gradual progress in architecture. The linking of the Krem um imLiat Prah cave system to Krem labbit Khaidong to create a single cave system of 22202.65 m in length is the longest cave known to date in the Indian subcontinent a team member siad here on Friday.