cavalier meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
cavalier meaning in tamil is பிடிதமில்லாமல் செயல் புரி

cavalier meaning in tamil with example

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Gianino who said he had visited Alang and was appalled by the conditions of work and the cavalier attitude towards industrial safety displayed by shipyard owners and others he came into contact with. By the same token the man he is replacing will have been treated in a cavalier manner likely to dent his confidence. Charge against HUDA He was also critical on the formation of the Metro Development Authority and said the interests of five adjoining districts were involved and such decisions should not be taken in a cavalier manner. Dhoni by his own admission took some chances but this game is all about prevailing over the situation and his cavalier approach knocked the wind out of the Pakistani bowlers. But in practice affiliation has been granted in the most cavalier manner by abrogating the powers of the Syndicate. Prof. Lee refused on Thursday to give away Australias plans to combat Jayasuriya but Ponting was more forthcoming on how his bowlers had to cater for Sri Lankas cavalier top order in the first of the three finals. The party of Jawaharlal Nehru cannot be allowed to treat the institution of Parliament in so cavalier a manner as did the Congress parliamentary managers on Wednesday. Second was his embodiment of a culture of corruption his cavalier contempt for the rule of law captured best by his repeated attempts to rewrite the rules to protect himself from prosecution. The bowlers were given specific instructions to contain these great free scoring cavalier batsmen and make them lose patience quickly.