cautious meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
cautious meaning in tamil is ஜாக்கிரதையான

cautious meaning in tamil with example

cautious tamil meaning and more example for cautious will be given in tamil.
It will invariably be military commanders who are most cautious about using force 151 for they understand better than most the consequences of engaging in war. Dhruv who had finished second best at the Jammu national in 2003 had enough reasons to feel greatly disappointed that his effort again had to end in defeat particularly when his steady and cautious approach had begun to bring rewards of handy breaks. In comparison Rupesh who is known for his cautious approach could muster only two century breaks 154 and 105 but by then all was over. Market players seemed to have adopted cautious approach and reduced their holdings in RIL a day before the companys demerger followed by a special trading session on January 18 for price discovery of its shares. Operators and retailers were somewhat cautious following a sharp decline in activity of institutional investors. India should be cautious against the U.S. designs said the activists and alleged that its ulterior motive is to control the world economic resources media arms and weapons of mass destruction and establish its hegemony. While the Prime Ministers cautious instincts are understandable India can afford to be less inhibited on the lesser disputes notably Siachen. With so many buildings destroyed and so few jobs for a youthful population born and reared into mayhem the flashing green and red offers cautious but tangible evidence that normality may be returning to what was once a stable and relatively prosperous nation. Market players seemed to have adopted a cautious approach with the prices at dizzy heights and foreign institutional investors generally pulling out from the Futures segment brokers said.