cause meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
cause meaning in tamil is காரணம்

cause meaning in tamil with example

cause tamil meaning and more example for cause will be given in tamil.
The good wishes of the citizens of the neighbouring country India are what these Tibetan youth sought after to push the cause of their land. Such strike would cause great hardship to the litigant public the Chief Justice said in his appeal. Woollens blankets and essential commodities were distributed among the children and the needy by the Society a nongovernment organisation that works for the cause and care of the girl child. Karunanidhi recalled the havoc caused by the rain and floods at the fag end of 2005 and appealed to the people to rededicate themselves to the cause of rehabilitating farmers and the poor. Greepeace and three other environmental groups have tried for months to block the operation on the grounds that Indian shipyard workers are not properly protected from the hazards of working with asbestos which can cause fatal lung diseases. The snow will not cause problems to people as we have made arrangements for them said Bashir Ahmed Runiyal Relief Commissioner Uri. When the elders lack confidence in the code of conduct they will become ineligible to champion the cause of the people. A tireless advocate for the cause of preserving the environment Vivek was still a young boy when he decided that while academics and sports were necessary evils it was the forest and wildlife that beckoned his soul. More instructively he remains the only leader to have ascended the Delhi gaddi without ever having championed the cause of the poor a prerequisite in our inherently unequal and iniquitous society.