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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
cauldron meaning in tamil is கொப்பரை

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Faisalabad Reputations are made and unmade in situations like these 151 a Test match on the boil a celebrated fast bowler on the prowl the cauldron of an IndiaPakistan duel and a potentially precarious situation for the team. If Yuvraj Singh and Mahendra Singh Dhoni scored in the cauldron at the Gaddafi Stadium it reflected apart from the glorious shotmaking ability of the two on their reserves of selfbelief. Shahabuddin Nadeem Bangalore Unless we acknowledge the gruesome nature of the Godhra carnage we will keep the communal cauldron simmering. In the company of Kevin Pietersen the English skipper offers entertainment of the kind that attracts spectators to the venues even if some of them may resemble a cauldron in the month of April. A cauldron The arena resembled a cauldron when Yuvraj walked in. But the fare was mostly insipid at the cauldron that was the Nehru Stadium even as the TVS Cup series fell into Indias lap. Sehwag needed a break Dravid said the aim behind resting key player Virender Sehwag was to ensure he stayed away from pressure and sorted out his batting before jumping into the cauldron of international cricket. For the most part however it was a methodical performance 151 so steely and surgically precise that it was impossible to imagine there was a cauldron of emotions bubbling within him. It can also be argued that in the cauldron of the high pressure Champions Trophy a forerunner to the World Cup experience could prove a priceless commodity. About 6000metrelong cloth rolled together with 800 kg of cotton was kept immersed in about 1000 litres of oil and ghee in a huge copper cauldron atop the Rockfort according to the executive officer of the temple P.