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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
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The global semiconductor industry has called for the interdependence of software chip design and manufacturing to catapult India into a powerhouse on the world semiconductor stage. They said the deal would not only catapult India into a different league but also help to meet its increasing demand for clean power. The sources said that while the existing refinery 151 of 33 million tonnes capacity 151 made Jamnagar the worlds third largest single location refinery the expansion would catapult the RILRPL combine into the worlds largest single location refinery league. At their instance the police rounded up an eightyearold boy who would break the windows of vehicles using a catapult to steal valuables like laptop and electronic items kept inside. The party planned to establish either Special Economic Zones or a cluster of industrial units in each of the districts depending on the raw material availability in the region which would catapult the industrial status of districts multifold. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan on Tuesday called upon the people to evolve a participatory work culture to help catapult Madhya Pradesh to rank among the most prosperous States of the country. He is currently looking for some sponsors to pay for the entry fee and travelling expenses for participating in the National B which could catapult him into the big league of National A. At present Citibank has 39 branches in 27 cities panIndia and if the RBI approves Citibanks bid its network will immediately catapult beyond the 250mark.