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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
catalyst meaning in tamil is தான் எவ்வித மாற்றமும் அடையாமல் பிறபொருள்கள் மாற்றமடைய உதவும்பொருள்

catalyst meaning in tamil with example

catalyst tamil meaning and more example for catalyst will be given in tamil.
The decision to allow the private sector to compete and simultaneously focus on the creation of infrastructure can well be a catalyst for the logistics industry at a time when the economy is poised for a shift to a higher trajectory of growth. Meanwhile organised labour can be a powerful catalyst for change persuading employers and companies to be more environmentally responsible and resource efficient. In that sense one expected CECA to act as a stimulant or a catalyst ... How big a stimulant I dont know. Instead if the government allowed interest concession even on fresh loans being obtained before that date it would act as a catalyst for speedy repayment. Corruption of the electoral process combined with the apathy of literate voters was cause for concern in a functioning democracy such as India he said during the release of the documentary film Who loses when India wins organised by the Catalyst Trust here on Thursday. Rumsfeld denied the Iraq invasion had proved a catalyst for terrorist recruiting 151 but said AlQaeda and its allies wanted to use Iraq as a central front in the longer struggle. The addition of SAIF as a strategic investor provides a significant catalyst for the future growth he added. Transport is a catalyst for development and change and has to be provided for in any city master plan. The expo would be a catalyst to augment the agriculture production in the district through crop diversification water conservation use of high quality seeds and development of fallow land.