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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
casuarina meaning in tamil is சவுக்கு மரம்

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Ramanathapuram In order to minimise the effect of tsunami and other forms of calamities the Forest Department has expedited planting of casuarina saplings along the coast of the district. The existing casuarina trees planted by the Forest Department nearly 20 years ago in Rameswaram had acted as bioshield against the tsunami. Plantation of eucalyptus and casuarina would be taken up on a largescale and the belts would be developed as wind breakers the field officials explained. The existing casuarina plantation also adds to its glamour.Sensing the tourist patronage a private entrepreneur has come up with a childrens park a watchtower an artificial thundershower a swimming pool boating facility a water scooter wind surfing and other facilities. Mangroves and other bioshields such as casuarina plantations should be developed along the coast but not very close to the coastline he said and explained how some villages in Tamil Nadu had escaped the fury of tsunami due to mangroves. Exotic varieties of trees such as eucalyptus casuarina and cherry in this valley should be removed meticulously it opined. The police have put up casuarina poles as a temporary measure to alert drivers besides indicating the direction of the road. For the flood relief measures the officials had been advised to keep ready bulldozers poclains casuarina sticks and sandbags. When the Independence Day celebrations were held in this stadium on Tuesday all cement benches at the galleries on the eastern side and the western side were supported by bamboo and casuarina poles.