casual meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
casual meaning in tamil is தற்செயலான

casual meaning in tamil with example

casual tamil meaning and more example for casual will be given in tamil.
Admonishing the two public sector undertakings again for taking matters in a casual way Mr Swaminathan and the members directed their counsels to come back with original MoU on supply signed between the ONGC and GAIL on one hand and between the GAIL and the projects on the other. Eventually her father became a casual labourer and the whole family had to move out to a hut donated by a generous Muslim in the area. When contacted President of the Andhra Pradesh Paper Mills Limited P.K. Soori said that the union leaders voluntarily signed the settlement and they are going to take casual labour as permanent workers after adopting VRS in the mill. Saravana Balaji who owns Cosy Casual Comforts says he will look for suppliers of sewing accessories. In his perception his resignation had much to do with the coming together of different vested interests whom he had antagonised because his firm interventions to prevent corruption in drug purchase transfers and postings and in recruitment of sweepers and other casual employees. Two foreigners who visited the exhibition on Khadi and Village Industries products at the Gandhi Museum in the city paid a casual visit to the food stall at the entrance during twilight hours on Wednesday. Gupta said the IAF adopted a casual approach to her allegations that she had been sexually harassed by some seniors. The best of cinema is not for the casual visitor for that matter no experience of any art is said Mr. The cards have been distributed in a most casual way in violation of the Commissions existing instructions.