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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
cast meaning in tamil is வார்ப்பு

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Wednesdays terrorist attack on the Indian Institute of Science and the threats of bomb explosions did not cast a shadow over the New Year celebrations in the city which was on a high alert. There are other less debated sections of the new Clause such as the responsibility cast on designated principal officers of the company 151 the CEO CFO and the company secretary 151 to attest financial statements. Excessive government intervention and multiple administrative and procedural bottlenecks have cast a shadow on the expansion of PSUs and diversification curbed the growth of their net worth thereby contracting prospects of higher corporate tax contribution with the exchequer the study said. Duty is cast upon the Government under Article 21 to protect the environment and the two salutary principles which govern the law of the environment are i the principles of sustainable development and ii the precautionary principle the October 30 order says. However 28 members including the local MP Pawan Kumar Bansal cast their votes in the absence of two nominated members. But he has no patience for the latter either since they seek to cast a spell on ordinary people with their antimodern indeed reactionary religious rigidity. But the fact that the injuries were not serious and that they were immediately attended to did not cast a shadow for too long. Abbas comments came following Israeli ambivalence on whether the nearly 200000 Palestinians living in Jerusalem would be allowed to cast their ballots.