cashier meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
cashier meaning in tamil is காசாளர்

cashier meaning in tamil with example

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Meanwhile the cashier closed the counter and left the place at the stroke of lunch and the customer was forced to wait for over halfanhour till his return for the payment. In 2003 Rs.6 lakh was stolen from the cashier of a private foreign currency exchange firm after he was waylaid by an armed gang on the National Highway bypass near Thiruvallam. The police said that around 10.30 p.m. after the days business was over Santosh cashier of Acharya Caf in 2nd Phase J.P. Nagar was counting the cash. However the police are enquiring how the automatic door failed to lock as soon as the cashier entered the cabin and why he did not put the bolt provided inside the cabin. The cashier told the police that as the customer at the counter was in a hurry and asking him to pay the amount quickly he could not put the bolt. According to officials Secretary of the PACB in Ramapuram village near here Appumoorthi and Cashier Subramaniam and Village Administrative Officer VAO Venkatachalam swindled the money allotted for the distribution of relief to flood affected farmers. Six employees including the secretary incharge and cashier of a Primary Agricultural Cooperative Bank in Kunamangalam were suspended on Saturday following irregularities in the disbursement of cash relief to the floodhit farmers of T. Those placed under suspension were Rajagopalan and Dharmaraj secretary incharge and cashier incharge of the PACB respectively C. Alarm raised One of them demanded water from the cashier and then threatened him to handover all the cash.