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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
cartoon meaning in tamil is கருத்துச் சித்திரம், கேலிச்சித்திரம்

cartoon meaning in tamil with example

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The DTH platform besides ensuring right to information also provides entertainment information news education and sports for the adults and cartoon for children. Cartoonist Toms made an onthespot cartoon featuring his famous characters Boban and Molly fleeing for their lives on seeing an approaching tipper lorry. Beach invaded Artistes wearing costumes resembling Vijju and cartoon characters caught the attention of children at the venue. Promising more than just 15 seconds of fame winners at various levels stand to get scholarships as well as television appearances on Cartoon Network. 14 and the most telling cartoon Qleanchit. It was reminiscent of the days when The HolyIndia created history by uncovering the Rs.64 crore payoff scandal and wrote three powerful editorials in a month condemning N.T. Rama Raos undemocratic dismissal as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. Cartoon show People applauded the cartoon show arranged by cartoonist Sekhar. This firstever live performance by Disney characters is part of Disney channels initiative to get their viewers in India up and close with their favourite cartoon characters. As their favourite cartoon characters came down all the way from Disneyland to entertain them exclusively children with lifethreatening medical conditions realised their wish at Apollo Hospitals on Friday. As performers Rene and John leading the show goaded the children to join the fun by clapping and stomping their feet they did with eartoear smiles like their cartoon characters.