carrot meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
carrot meaning in tamil is கேரட், சிவப்பு முள்ளங்கி

carrot meaning in tamil with example

carrot tamil meaning and more example for carrot will be given in tamil.
Today Washington is trying actively to divert New Delhi away from the task of creating new regional architecture by dangling the nuclear carrot and the promise of world power status in alliance with itself. Though Washington has not given any reason to Islamabad to think it can be bracketed with New Delhi on the nuclear front it has dangled the carrot of stepped up cooperation to meet future energy needs. Senthil Kumar zoo veterinarian who brought Soundarya from Mysore said the diet for the new hippo included hay paddy straw Co1 grass wheat bran bread potato cabbage carrot and apples. Transparent attempts are being made to force India to be a virtual signatory to the NPT and CTBT with the carrot of some modern nuclear technology for civilian power projects. Standing crops such as potato on about 50 hectares cabbage on about 95 hectares carrot on 303 hectares and beans on 70 hectares in the district benefited from the rain. Dangling the carrot of major civilian nuclear imports before the United States in the event of a change in the laws there India on Wednesday countered Washingtons objections to Russias decision to supply light enriched uranium LEU for the Tarapur plant. Offer your adversaries a carrot and then threaten to whack them with the stick while they are eating it. Manikumar incharge of Food Production department demonstrated how a raw pumpkin could be converted into a flower vase short snake guard into a penguin turnip radish and beetroot into a rose bitter guard into a crocodile and carrot into a rat.