carrier meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
carrier meaning in tamil is பொருள்களை எடுத்து ஏற்றி)ச் செல்பவர்

carrier meaning in tamil with example

carrier tamil meaning and more example for carrier will be given in tamil.
The aircraft carrier left the quay at the Toulon military arsenal without incident and marine boats set up a 200metre security cordon as a helicopter and a navy plane guarded the skies. Officials said the carrier would be taken out of the harbour by several tugs before being towed to Alang. Signalling the beginning of another round of fare war in the international sector private carrier Air Sahara on Monday announced the sale of 2006 DelhiLondon return tickets at Rs. A November 19 2004 file photo of workers aboard the former French aircraft carrier Georges Clemenceau at Toulon in southern France. The national carrier had purchased a new Xray machine at a cost of Rs.40 lakhs to replace the old one. Last September the countrys flagship carrier had become the first airline of a developing country to join hands with UNEP to set the ground rules for preventing ozone depletion. Enquiries reveal that the jeep in which the MLA was travelling collided with a goods carrier at 5 a.m. Mr. AP KEEP OFF INDIA A Greenpeace activist aboard decommissioned French aircraft carrier Clemenceau holds aloft a protest banner as another boards the ship off the coast of Egypt on Thursday. Public protest against the breaking of decommissioned toxic French aircraft carrier Clemenceau in a Gujarat shipyard is fast gaining ground in Delhi. Following the agreement by the French government to export the Clemenceau in its current state and Indias agreement to take it for dismantling the French aircraft carrier does not pose an environmental threat to Egypt the ministry said in a statement carried by the state news agency MENA.