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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
carriage meaning in tamil is வண்டி

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Secondly there have been some developments that have not been specifically addressed 151 notably the lack of comprehensive legislation to deal with the rapidly converging telecommunication broadcasting carriage issues 151 these gaps have been filled in this paper. But on December 2 2005 the Railways had called for tenders for allotment of entire space used for carriage of perishables of both front and rear luggage vans in mail and express trains departing from Chennai Central. The permits were granted to stage carriage and minibus operators who operated in rural areas of districts where no stage carriage services were provided. Tableaux presented during the show included a Santa Claus riding a carriage pulled by horse and not reindeers a depiction of Swati Thirunal the musician king of erstwhile Travancore and visualisation of Vazhakkula the famous poem by Changampuzha Krishna Pillai. The last leg of the journey to Horabe Diara began at 3 p.m. The funeral procession was led by a pilot jeep carrying the portrait of the late Catholicos followed by the carriage carrying the body of Mar Baselius. The lorry owners were represented at the talks by president of the Transport Lorry Owners Welfare Association Jacob Mani president of the Cochin Container Carrier Owners Welfare Association Chandrashekaran and secretary of the Container Carriage Operators Federation Sebastian Kuttikad. When the Governments appeal against the order was pending another GO facilitating operation of minibuses to unserved rural areas of districts where no stage carriage services were available was passed.