carnivore meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
carnivore meaning in tamil is கொன்று தின்னும் காட்டு விலங்கு, வேட்டையாடி உண்ணும் விலங்கு

carnivore meaning in tamil with example

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Stating that the carcass of the female carnivore was recovered from a tea garden in Devala Range the District Forest Officer Gudalur T.S. Dange told The HolyIndia here on Tuesday that a forest veterinarian had been deputed to determine the cause of death. Kandasamy and forest veterinarian Kalaivanan who went to the spot spent several hours watching the spot where the carnivore was lying. Now sanction has been given only for the proposal for remodelling the carnivore cages for the jaguar enclosure a new road and for the aviary.