caress meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
caress meaning in tamil is தழுவு,வருடு

caress meaning in tamil with example

caress tamil meaning and more example for caress will be given in tamil.
The Pakistan captain hampered by a back problem resumed his innings only at the fall of the sixth wicket but a delicate caress square off the wicket revealed the kind of form he is in. Then Hoggard drew blood 151 a snorter to handcuff Sehwag another not nearly as nasty but enough to caress glove as it passed Jaffer looking to leave as he got inside the line 151 before Dravid and Yuvraj staunched the haemorrhage. Back where she belonged on the beach where the salty wind from the bay will once again caress her bronze tresses the anklet she holds and her outstretched arm. Imagine an openair auditorium with the caress of a gentle breeze eversooften even as the eyes are focussed on the screen watching an evergreen Mayabazar with your loved ones. And the sweet music of the willow kissing the cherry the fragrance of grass early morning dew glistening on it and the caress of the fingers gripping the bat fuelled in him the romance of cricket.