careful meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
careful meaning in tamil is கவனமாக

careful meaning in tamil with example

careful tamil meaning and more example for careful will be given in tamil.
Like any other kid he would not heed to his mothers commands to be careful and not get hurt running across the lane to meet his playmates. Many of the words picked up after a careful analysis are chosen from interesting topics such as cricket and school atmosphere for which the students know the meaning and the pronunciation but they have to learn the spelling. The officers need to be careful in the execution of the scheme as the act clearly pronounces that the eligible workers if not showed the work within 15 days of their appeal for work would have to be given unemployment compensation till work was provided. Vasudevan general manager TNSTC Vellore said if drivers were careful while driving they can not only avoid accidents but also prevent accidents due to the negligence of other roadusers. Justice Jeyapaul dismissed the petition saying on a careful perusal of the FIR it is found that there is very serious allegation that Mr. They take their own time and are careful while investigating as their methods may be scrutinised later in a court of law. Your record raises troubling questions about whether you appreciate the checks and balances in our Constitution 151 the careful efforts of our Founding Fathers to protect us from a government or a President determined to seize too much power over our lives said Democratic Senator Dick Durbin. Harish suggested that approval for new layouts and buildings should be based on careful criteria and haphazard growth should be stopped if the city is to remain green.