caravan meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
caravan meaning in tamil is பிரயாணிகள்

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In the last five years over 100000 farmers have benefited from inputs provided by the caravan on farming means. The result of the entire caravan doing the same in panic caused the biggest traffic jam seen on that stretch of the highway. Star Cricketers 321 for seven in 50 overs Arjun 64 N.S. Praveen 61 bt Caravan 134 in 30.3 overs Praveen six for 32. During night a caravan of caparisoned bullock carts carrying idols are taken out in a procession around the temple while the people representing their villages sport torches and shout slogans hailing the presiding deity. The jatara turned into a riot of colour when a caravan of hundreds of bullock carts arrived to pay respects to the Goddess. There will be some more hope for those dreaming of making it to the big league when the allIndia oneday knockout tournament begins in this dusty town before the caravan moves to Lucknow for the final stage. It had been a hectic and taxing week for the pros on the Challenger Tour and after a torrid stint at Chikmagalur where they had to make do with a lot of inconvenience on and off the court the Challenger caravan has moved here and promises a better show. Plea for privacy With a media caravan camping outside his home Rooney requested that he is permitted to concentrate on his recuperation without outside distractions. Beckett has had a long ideological caravan journey from her days on the hard Left but she is no Blairite. Entry fees were not being collected for indigenous breeds like Rajapalayam and Caravan hounds he added.