capture meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
capture meaning in tamil is கைப்பற்றுதல்

capture meaning in tamil with example

capture tamil meaning and more example for capture will be given in tamil.
Dalits should join hands with other sections like tribals backward classes and Muslims to transform themselves into a majority group so that they could capture power. While Apples ipod series of mp3 players top the list of podcasting tools many believe that more economical players read Made in China are likely to capture the attention in the New Year. The Easyshare V570 camera sees double with a 23mm lens to capture ultrawide angles and a 39 to117mm optical zoom lens. A panoramastitching feature allows clickers to capture a 180degree view with just three shots and combine them seamlessly into a single picture. The V570 has 32 megabytes of internal memory and in addition to still photos it can capture TVquality video at 30 frames a second. Sophisticated Iris cameras are being employed to capture the image of eye which is a more reliable system of personal identification compared to fingerprints. It is now clear that Congress is going to capture Basavanabagewadi Taluk Panchayat with two independent members deciding to align with the party. Christened ThermaCheck the service seeks to capture heat images on film and predicts impending equipment failure leading to mishaps. However the influx from the skies of 24hour television might manage to capture history in the making but those images and faces will not be oralhistory he clarifies. Horatti said a decision will be taken on January 21 regarding forming an alliance to capture power in the Dharwad Zilla Panchayat. The Swiss maestro is a clear favourite to capture his seventh Grand Slam crown in the years first major getting underway here on Monday.