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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
caption meaning in tamil is தலைப்பு

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Mohammed Ashraf V.K of ICHS Shantivayal won the first prize in caption writing competition held as part of the Arabic festival. Sampaths letter under the caption Nanganallur needs better bus services. The following points also merit scrutiny by MTC authorities. UNICEF gifts to students This has reference to the picture published under the caption UNICEF gifts to students of Kasimedu Corporation Middle School in Chennai. Ones a blogging contest the other was for the best opening lines and dumping lines and the third is a photocaption contest where participants can click a picture give a caption and send it in as an entry. A catchline for a photo caption Oust Jayalalithaa Tamil Nadu Madurai edition January 19 2006 page 4 was no doubt meant to be colourful but it has not gone down well with all readers. The forms of anger demonstrated seem to have also damaged a photo caption as far as basic information about where and when a particular incident happened After the violence March 5 2006 page 7 all editions except Chennai city. Chennai city Rising Star awards presented March 7 2006 page 2. The caption of the picture got the name of this award winner wrong. Rao Alwal RTC responds This has reference to the letter published under the caption Ease rush problem The HolyIndia March 30. In MetroPlus Chennai March 25 2006 page 3 the picture that accompanied the article The colour of desire is not that of model Naomi Campbell as the caption said but of her mother Valerie Campbell. A reader disagreed with the caption which said it was a scene of people watching a unique sunset between the Sir Arthur Cotton old bridge and the new railcumroad bridge across the Godavari at Rajahmundry.