capitulation meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
capitulation meaning in tamil is விநியோகம்

capitulation meaning in tamil with example

capitulation tamil meaning and more example for capitulation will be given in tamil.
That Netaji died in a plane crash just two weeks after Japans capitulation in the Second World War is the most consistent story. The perceptible capitulation of our Government to U.S. pressure as indicated in the Mulford fulminations and the replacement of Mani Shankar Aiyar with Murli Deora in the Petroleum portfolio are clear pointers to the graduation of the Congress from aam aadmi to khaas aadmi. However when there is a complete capitulation like the one we witnessed on Wednesday a backlash is to be expected. Pakistans capitulation from a position of strength to the edge of defeat especially after the 52 lead caused disbelief. Indias capitulation on the final day of the third Test against England in Mumbai on Wednesday was shocking. India was rolled over for 100 courtesy a frenzied passage of play in the second session that witnessed a capitulation like few other 151 seven wickets for 25 runs in just over 15 overs. The CPI M will not be deterred by talk of communalisation of foreign policy which is but a cover for those who cannot justify capitulation to U.S. imperialism it said. As the process of consultation went into high gear it became apparent that the SPA would settle for nothing less than King Gyanendras capitulation to their roadmap. Andhra Pradeshs capitulation in the second half was surprising as they put up a decent fight in the first. With four of the five Assembly segments falling into LDF hands it is a near total capitulation for the UDF in this high range district once held as an impregnable UDF fortress.