capitalist meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
capitalist meaning in tamil is பணக்காரன் முதலாளி

capitalist meaning in tamil with example

capitalist tamil meaning and more example for capitalist will be given in tamil.
Advisor to Government on Investments and Employment Generation C.C. Reddy called upon working classes and others to resist capitalist and communal forces. The problem is that capitalist forces will establish the sway over the service sector after taking power away from local bodies the press note added. Nasser said some of the tasks accomplished by his regime were the extinction of imperialism and feudalism and ending monopolistic tendencies and capitalist influence over Government. We have seen a big triumph of global capitalism the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe have collapsed and China is today the most dynamic capitalist state in the world. CPIM leader M.A. Baby has said that terrorism across the world is a byproduct of the capitalist economic system. The fact that he has been replaced by Murli Deora who is close to the U.S. and the capitalist establishment in India is unfortunate. But the Congress governments at the Centre and in Kerala were trying to privatise the power sector for protecting the interest of the capitalist class. So when Leonard Brody Canadian venture capitalist and author lists his top 10 technology forecasts for 2006 he double checks with reference to India. The venture capitalist has been involved with several success stories of technology firms in Canada including Onvia Canada. But in any case none of this explains why anyone might be nostalgic in former communist states now enjoying the delights of capitalist restoration. The dominant account gives no sense of how communist regimes renewed themselves after 1956 or why western leaders feared they might overtake the capitalist world well into the 1960s.