canteen meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
canteen meaning in tamil is உணவகம்

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The canteen services are poor while the stall selling snacks and soft drinks remains busy during larger tourist inflow. The number of employees at the Collectorate and the District Treasury frequenting the canteen at the Collectorate has increased since it was recently handed over to the Suriya Prabha and Valarpirai Self Help Groups SHG run by women. Private agencies The canteen is situated near the Government vehicle shed at the backyard of the Collectorate. Earlier the canteen was run by a few private agencies and even the Makila Mandal but was not profitable as the crowd was very thin. 1 lakh from District Rural Development Agency to enhance the canteen with facilities such as new seats and an improved kitchen. But people complain that the path leading to the canteen has to be developed as there are wild growth and undulations. Hygiene priority SHG members running the canteen told The HolyIndia that the sales was very limited. The new complex is situated in a 42600 square metre area with 60 spacious courtrooms and chambers for judges space for branches bar rooms library facilitation centres canteen and computer facility.. A new extended car park lecture halls and postgraduates room and an improved out patients block and canteen are also being added on. In the first phase facilities such as roads office rooms meeting halls will be constructed apart from raw material testing laboratory creche weigh bridges and canteen at a total cost of Rs. The proposed complex will have a conference hall the control room reception library canteen and rest rooms on each floor and a separate section for the CLUES team he said.