cannabis meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
cannabis meaning in tamil is கஞ்சா

cannabis meaning in tamil with example

cannabis tamil meaning and more example for cannabis will be given in tamil.
Moroccan tennis player Younes El Aynaoui tested positive for cannabis in Italy last month and could face a threemonth suspension. Common substances used by adolescents include nicotine alcohol cannabis related substances grass weed opium related substances smack brown sugar party drugs ecstasy magic mushrooms inhalants diluter of ink prescription drugs sedative pain killers cough syrup and cocaine. While previously we had college students coming in with tobacco and cannabis related abuse we are now seeing young school students reporting with smack alcohol solvent and sedative use. Apart from poppy cultivation some farmers in Jammu and Kashmir are also cultivating the cannabis plant from which highquality hashish is manufactured. Even as the Sangareddy excise district officials have destroyed 3962990 cannabis plants in a twomonth period they were shocked to see a new crop in the same fields during their next visit. Siddiram Golla Bicham Arjun Timmapur Lalitha Khullappa Banda Gonda Islavat Siva Singh Ranjit Singh and Hanma Reddy were taken into custody for growing cannabis in their fields. Inaugurating a daylong workshop on alcohol and drug deaddiction here on Saturday Delhi Health Minister Yoganand Shastri said over six crore Indians were dependent on alcohol and another 80 lakhs on drugs like cannabis and tranquillisers. The volatility of the narcotics question in British politics is demonstrated by the fact that at least some of the papers publishing young Camerons scandal were doing so not in order to damage him as would certainly have been the case 10 years ago but as part of a campaign to soften cannabis laws.