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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
cancer meaning in tamil is புற்று நோய்

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cancer tamil meaning and more example for cancer will be given in tamil.
Leading psychooncologist Brindha Sitaram on Sunday stressed the need for a drastic change in the patientdoctor relationship in the treatment of cancer with more importance given to psychosocial oncology. She said that unlike in other countries cancer is not considered or treated as another disease in India as a person afflicted with the disease is written off. Considering the chronic pain suffered by cancer patients there is a need to explore unconventional behavioural methods of pain relief not only to provide freedom from pain but also to improve the patients quality of life. She said doctors treating cancer patients should discuss the implications of the disease and treatment procedures to remove fear from the minds of the patients and their family members. There is a lot of misconceptions about the radiation therapy and chemotherapy commonly used in treating cancer patients she noted. A meeting of the council at the Collectorate here on Saturday said the State Government had banned Endosulfan which could cause genetic disorders cancer and other chronic ailments and its use in the district should be stopped. Sundar and party Sabha FGN Hall 645 p.m. GENERAL GVN Institute of Medical Science and Hospital Cancer screening camp based on Masilas Cancer Diagnostics C. A Japanese study has shown that eating broccoli sprouts may help prevent gastric acidity and cancer by reducing H. The youngest gang member Wang Hongwen died of liver cancer in a Beijing hospital in 1992 while serving a life sentence.