calm meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
calm meaning in tamil is காற்று) அமைதியான

calm meaning in tamil with example

calm tamil meaning and more example for calm will be given in tamil.
Shrine Basilica of Our Lady of Health in Velankanni is located on the shore of the Bay of Bengal amid calm surroundings of palm groves and nestles. Dharam Singhs residence in Bangalore was unusually calm on Saturday in view of the unprecedented security arrangements in the wake of the attack on the Indian Institute of Science. Annoyed with the continuous slogan shouting by the crowd the judge summoned the Two Town Inspector and chided him for his failure to maintain calm on the court premises by controlling the crowd. In contrast to the shattered mental state of Arjuna Lord Krishnas calm response resembled that of a doctor who is confident of his diagnosis and the efficacy of the remedy at hand pointed out Swami Dheerananda in a discourse. Adding to the beauty of the Ariyaman beach which is situated nearly 27 km from here is the calm waters of Palk Bay. The film shows how the calm and peaceful life of the father and daughter becomes terribly restless following the interview. While calm was restored after two brief but noisy interludes the demand kept reverberating through out the day. Initially when we switched on Teja News we were ecstatic a feeling that mellowed down to a sense of calm and quiet happiness as we surfed channels and found everyone broadcasting the news the mega star said. All of us may not need the soft strains of a sitar to rid us of anxiety but a calm mind does help in reducing the stress level and boosting the bodys natural immunity and healing powers. What undid Sais revival was the fact that she served two doublefaults from 1530 in the 11th game of the first set and Archana wrested the initiative as she served out the first set with calm assurance.