calibrate meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
calibrate meaning in tamil is அளவிடு, செம்மைகட்டு

calibrate meaning in tamil with example

calibrate tamil meaning and more example for calibrate will be given in tamil.
Important as it is to keep track of the masses frustrations and to address those desires and demands it is equally important to calibrate perceptions. We are looking at the kind of crop moisture and yield to calibrate the costs. Was the telecom project of the Tata group alone lagging behind. Chidambaram will have to calibrate the excise duties accordingly to provide an adequate cushion for the domestic industry. Under the Cabinet system the Prime Minister has to control and calibrate the governments agenda there is no scope for individual enterprise. Rather than sitting back and allowing Washington to calibrate the pace and extent of crisis escalation President Ahmadinejad probably surmised that Irans best chance of avoiding the fate that befell Iraq lay in escalating the crisis on its own terms. The work of trying to understand and calibrate the Karka Rasi Valaya will be kept up this Wednesday by the team from the Nehru Planetarium and the Amateur Astronomers Association Delhi. The officebearers of the association Imtiyaz Jamadar David Goni and Devanand Jagapur urged the senior officials of the department to cancel the licenses of those who had been authorised to calibrate auto fare metres in the twin cities. They also urged them that the expenses involved in applying for certification once again should be borne by those authorised to calibrate the metres. While it is possible that the growing Chinese interest in improving relations with India is related to the emerging strategic partnership between India and the U.S. the Manmohan Singh government needs carefully to calibrate and manage the development of this triangular relationship.