calf meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
calf meaning in tamil is கெண்டைக்கால் பின் தசை

calf meaning in tamil with example

calf tamil meaning and more example for calf will be given in tamil.
Arthurs injured Meanwhile Wayne Arthurs has pulled out of the Australian team due to a right calf muscle tear. An elephant calf that was separated from its herd and shifted to the Mysore zoo two months ago died on Saturday. Sick However the calf failed to develop immunity and remained sick ever since it was shifted to the zoo. Though the zoo has reported success in taking care of elephants giraffes and gaur and has prepared a special formulation of liquid diet to enable the young ones to develop immunity the survival rate is reckoned to be bleak if the calf is not suckled by its mother. He suffered a cramp in his left calf in the second game of the fourth set and the brilliant winners came less often as the errors piled up. The total loss including the death of four head of cattle a calf and a goat in the fire was estimated at Rs. The gestation period is 280 days and generally one calf is born though there are a few rare occasions when a gaur has given birth to two calves. GUDIHATNOOR ADILABAD DT. A calf rally at Gudihatnoor on Tuesday could as well have been termed well cattle baby show because the participants were ultra healthy. Next children wearing costumes of tiger cow and calf took the stage to perform the popular Kannada play Punya Koti. In the fiercely contested elimination rounds the competitors were tested with four postures front double biceps side chest back double biceps with one calf and abdomen and thigh contraction. Williamss Library in London has the longest uninterrupted library ownership of any surviving example and is still in its 17th century calf binding Sothebys said.