calculation meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
calculation meaning in tamil is கணிப்பு

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calculation tamil meaning and more example for calculation will be given in tamil.
It also seems to be his calculation that the political parties will find it difficult to sustain their newly formed friendship with the Maoists once they resume insurgency. The MCD administration has failed to properly implement the unit area method for calculation of property tax he pointed out. The manual process of obtaining lists of employees their addresses and then assigning vehicles and fixing routes and calculation of distances and time which is usually a laborious affair can now be carried out faster Mr. The same could happen if Teheran decides that a genuinely independent Iraq is in the best interests of the region but rational calculation has not always been the mullahs strongest point. The HED calculation is that when fully commissioned the Kollam port will be in a position to handle 6 lakh tonnes of cargo a year. Many employees were found to be under the impression that tax calculation sheets filed with the DDOs and treasury officers are adequate and there is no need to file annual returns with IT Department which is incorrect. D. TSD or timespeeddistance rallies test the driving skill of the driver and the calculation skill of the navigator. The calculation is that the growth momentum seen recently in the industrial and the services sectors coupled with the rebound in agriculture would make future annual growth assumptions of 910 per cent realistic and justify an ambitious target setting as for instance during the Eleventh Plan. The UDFs calculation appears to be that the pay revision involving around Rs.950 crore will leave Government employees and teachers in a happy frame of mind on election eve.