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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
calamity meaning in tamil is விபத்து, மரணம் விளைவித்த விபத்து, துர் அதிர்ஸ்டம்

calamity meaning in tamil with example

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He also urged the Union Government to grant sufficient funds to Tamil Nadu for the floodaffected victims from the Natural Calamity Fund. For the coastal hamlets in Tirunelveli district which did not suffer so much damage as those of Nagapattinam or Cuddalore in the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 the calamity has become a blessing in disguise. Arumugam of the PMK the Chief Minister said the Centre had not issued any order to amend the guidelines of the National Calamity and Contingency Fund to enhance the compensation for crop loss as requested by the State Government. In the absence of any communication from the Centre on amending norms of the National Calamity and Contingency Relief Fund to provide adequate relief to farmers in flood affected areas the State Government would effect a threefold increase in the per acre compensation for crop loss Rs. They had explored various technologies and finally preferred to apply the polymer wire rope gabion technology and now the stage is set for taking up the work at a cost of Rs.1.20 crores the calamity relief fund received from the Central Government. Coming from a man apparently bent on building a nuclear bomb how does he expect all that to sound to Jewish ears except like a warning of a terrible calamity to come. Ponnaiyan said the floods should be covered under the National Calamity Contingency Fund as the Calamity Relief Fund would not cover the cost of relief operations. Like Karanja Bennethora Gandorinala and Lower Mullamari irrigation projects were taken up as calamity relief works in 1972 and these projects were also delayed owing to lack of funds.