cache meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
cache meaning in tamil is பதுக்ககம்

cache meaning in tamil with example

cache tamil meaning and more example for cache will be given in tamil.
Sailors boarded the dhow after its crew surrendered and discovered a cache of small arms the U.S. Navy said. The Drugs Control Authority DCA which unearthed a cache of what it suspects to be spurious supply of Maxinem injection from some medical stores in the city has decided to widen its investigation net. The police also recovered a large cache of improvised explosive devises 17 handsets some with scanner facility of Indian and foreign origin worth Rs 160000 four FM transceivers of 300 milli watts two SW transmitters and 70 cordless bells used in remote detonation of mines from him. However the Uttar Pradesh Police also arrested several jihadi cadre including a group of five HizbulMujahideen operatives who had built a cache of weapons and explosives in the town of Bijnore. This does not augur well for the peace process and the aspirations of the Kashmiris. The Army on Wednesday recovered a cache in the Trehgam area based on the information provided by locals. They also attacked the local police station and an armed police camp killing three policemen before fleeing with a large cache of arms. The temple committee members said that the entire cache of explosives stored in the house was not meant for Fridays rituals at the temple. During Fridays raid the naxalites killed three policemen and looted a large cache of arms and ammunition. The huge cache of sophisticated arms and ammunition gives room for doubt that he has more of a criminal orientation than any ideological commitment he said.